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Renewable energy plays a key role in the future of humankind. Whether you look at it from an ecological or an economical point of view, turning to non-fossil, regenerative energy sources is vital for the preservation of our civilisation.

Whereas a closed CO2 cycleshould be a priority goal on environmental grounds, the depletion of fossil reserves will inevitably force us to reconsider the structure of our energy supply system before long.

This prospect may meet with opposition in some quarters, but those with a more realistic outlook will also recognize the opportunities it offers. While largely influenced by current political trends, almost all forms of renewable energy can look forward to a bright future. The growth in the world's population, the need to present even the ongoing provision of drinking water as a matter of energy consumption plus a latent desire for convenience ensure the (continued) supply of any kind of energy despite all attempts at saving.

So, preferring to act rather than sit back and wait, I have decided to devote my attention to the provision of liquid fuel. Due to their energy density and storability, liquid fuels are no doubt the most valuable source of energy. While offering a range of applications in the field of mobility that is unmatched by any other practical alternative, as a form of stored energy they also lend themselves ideally to simple conversion processes.

My main focus is on the production of biodiesel. Alongside ethanol, biodiesel is an extremely easy fuel to manufacture, based on vegetable oil from the agricultural industry and requiring relatively little energy to convert compared with other alternatives.

If you are interested in the topic of biodiesel in general or have always been tempted by the thought of creating the odd drop or two in your garage or kitchen yourself, may I recommend the webpage There you will find current research trends, downloads for calculating reaction mixtures and general tips.

Should you be interested in the latest technical equipment for the production of biodiesel, please turn to This site features state-of-the-art technologies as well as the history of their development.

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